Tramway Pocket Park

Tramway Pocket Park is a green playspace for Stratford in East London that actively engages with both the history of the area and the current local community. The Pocket Park takes on the form of a traditional Stratford tram and is a reminder of Stratford’s once fantastic tram system and the importance of the tramway.

Stratford stands today as a transportation hub of national significance.  It is important for the local community to engage with its successful history as one of the first areas of London to implement the tram system.

We intend to create a pocket park for The Tramway, that actively encourages input from the community in its initial implementation, maintenance and enjoyment of the result.

We are proposing the creation of a sheltered park area in a ghost-like tram streel framework, centred around the growth of plants, herbs and food. The park itself will provide a space for the local residents to meet, play, learn and engage with the production of planting. Over time, the steel tram framework will slowly disappear, becoming engulfed in planting.

Newham Council


Carl Turner Architects