Teaching + Research

Teaching forms an important role within the practice. We are currently teaching at Brighton, Southbank and Cambridge Schools of Architecture.

We have also taught at, Greenwich, the AA and the Royal College of Art. We also lecture regularly throughout the UK and Europe.

Our general approach to teaching has been about the link between thinking and making; developing projects through physical experimentation.

Carl is a trained ‘researcher’ forming one of the first cohort of graduates from the Helen Hamlyn Research Centre at the RCA. He spent 2 years working with BAA and a user group of visually impaired people. Research title; Process to pleasure: instinctive wayfinding at Heathrow Airport.

This has formed the basis for research informing design within practice. For instance, working with the Design Council we embedded researchers into their organization to reveal their working structures and uncover the important organizational connections, before strategizing design proposals.


The construction of Slip House was documented by Channel 4’s Grand Designs, and the house is being monitored by the practice, for real time energy performance over a three year period. It has also afforded the practice a vehicle to test and learn about the Code for Sustainable Homes, Passivehaus and low carbon design in general. The house is designed to CSH level 5. We showed the house as part of Green Sky Thinking 2012.