Home from Home

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Home from Home is an installation that examines the design and details of a typical UK home and of British domestic life.

The installation is composed of five individual structures – each one representing different parts of the home – including the front room, the kitchen, the commode, the bed and the stair. Together these parts create a playfully abstract house and articulate ideas of British domesticity, giving visitors the opportunity to explore everyday design and consider the question, what makes a home?

Using UK sourced materials, such as lambswool insulation, Home from Home identifies advancements in the British approach to sustainability and efficiency in new housing.  Traditional house typologies are challenged by the dispersed modules; identifying changes in how we use and engage with our homes today.

Home from Home is organised by the British Council as part of New Architects: Portugal_UK, the latest in a series of New Architects International Exchange programmes initiated by The Architecture Foundation (London).

See a video of the installation at MUDE.

Featured in Blueprint.