Ameliorate Amelia

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We were shortlisted for an Architecture Foundation, open competition where we were invited to propose the transformation of the public realm on four streets around the Pullens Estate, Walworth, South London, particularly focusing on Amelia Street, London SE17.

The project was an opportunity to enhance a unique regeneration area of London, and to develop an exemplar to influence and inspire other projects elsewhere.

Our key idea was the dressing up box. We want to provide an opportunity for locals to be able to engage (or dress-up) the streets, parks, and local area, by providing both a physical (for the everyday) and organisational (for events) infrastructure.

This everyday, operational infrastructure will then be adapted both seasonally, and over the course of time for special events.

Have a look at the Shortlisted entries, competition process and responses of residents on the Amelia Street website.