Performing Arts School

Our proposal for the extension to an existing Performing Arts School in West London was among five finalists selected through a two stage tender process.

The brief was to undertake a feasibility study to maximise the potential of the existing campus and propose ways to provide additional areas and to upgrade the existing facilities in line with the Schools future aspirations.

A direct response to the context in terms of massing, materiality and composition, our proposal negotiates the transition from the taller four storey block on the west to the lower 2 storey neighbouring properties to the East. Conceived as a series of simple volumes that are carefully arranged on the site, our proposal creates a sequence of usable spaces in between the new and existing accommodation blocks.

The first of the new volumes houses a suite of rehearsal rooms above a dramatic double height multi-purpose foyer, in the centre of the site is the new blackbox theatre and to the South East are the new enhanced facilities for the School of Musical Theatre completing the master plan.

The new blocks will be a contemporary and sustainable addition to the existing fabric, upgrading the offer to students and providing rooms designed to match the Schools innovative teaching practices with the required floor areas and heights for training, rehearsal and performance.

Each of the new volumes will be clad in the light profiled aluminium cladding at the upper levels which will help distinguish the new addition from the existing building while working well against the warm tone of the brick. The reflective quality of this material will also direct light into the light wells while mirroring its setting helping the new addition to blend in with its environment.

The ability to phase the proposed redevelopment was a key objective of the clients brief. Our proposal can be split into separate blocks so that the new accommodation can be built all at once or in phases. Each of the phases have been designed to function as standalone blocks and not reliant on the later phases so if there is delay to the construction sequence then the use of the new accommodation is not compromised.  This flexibility allows the client to make decisions regarding the construction sequence based on their budget allowance, programme and operational requirements.







scenario 1 phase 1

scenario 1 phase 2

scenario 1 phase 3

long traverse

in the round


45 sqm

60 sqm

90 sqm

120 sqm

facade test 01

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