Peckham Square

This project involves the redesign of Peckham Square in South London and the development of a new multi-purpose building on the site of 91 & 93 Peckham High Street. The project has involved extensive engagement and a series of co-design workshops with the local community.

Peckham Square is an integral piece of this local town centre and is home to Will Alsop’s iconic Peckham Library building as well as a healthy living centre, a gallery and Peckham Arch.  However, there are a number of underlying issues that face the existing square including poor lighting, paving, cycling and safety.

Our proposal looks to transform the existing square from a transitional space to a destination, creating more space for people to sit and gather and adding community assets such as a designated events podium space where activities and open air markets can take place as well as a café facility. In addition, we have looked at how the relationship between cyclists and pedestrians can better function and how better lighting and seating can enhance the square.

We have also proposed designs to refurbish an existing building at 91 & 93 Peckham High Street to create gallery, workspace and offices on the ground floor with residential uses above.

The decisions we have reached have been extensively informed by ideas and feedback from the local community.  We hosted a series of co-design workshops over the design development stage of the project that allowed local residents to inform our ideas and the way in which the project progressed.

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