Mountview Academy

We are currently working on an exciting new cultural space in Peckham, London located on a site behind the Stirling Prize winning Peckham Library. Spread over 4,760 sqm, this site will soon be home to Mountview, one of the UK’s leading drama schools.

The project is conceived as a ‘warehouse for the arts’ and consists of two interlocking buildings that provide both the public and private spaces required for the school. Located over six floors (11,000 sqm) the new academy building will accommodate 400 full time and vocational students, up to 800 community users and 100 full time staff and facilities will include 22 dance and acting studios, 14 music studios and a state of the art theatre with capacity for 200 audience members.  A new public space and café and rooftop bar will be created along with the new theatre facility that will allow members of the public to engage with this new community asset.

The school building and associated studios are designed around a central ‘street’ or atrium that will act as the heart of the school allowing students to meet, exchange and informally rehearse.

Due to open in September 2018.

We have worked with the local authority and arts organisations to help assess the site’s capacity, act as ambassadors for Peckham and generally facilitate the project, above and beyond the building itself.

You can follow updates on the project here.






rooftop bar


RIBA Stage 4

Carl Turner Architects, Southwark Archives