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‘Making and Activating’ – Carl Turner Architects masterclass at Liverpool School of Architecture

We are pleased to announce that we are hosting a four-day masterclass for twenty students, as part of Liverpool School of Architecture’s Spring School programme. These sessions will run between Thursday the 24th, until the 27th of January.

In recent years, our practice has evolved expertise in temporary or “meanwhile” developments, repurposing land or buildings for a relatively short period; these developments are created with the primary focus of providing low-cost space as a platform for activity. Through the roles of imagining, designing, making and curating, we manage our projects from conception to curation. With this in mind, the workshop will be focussed on ‘Making & Activating’ and will also include content regarding the utilisation of low-cost industrial materials and co-creation.

Since submitting the programme, the university has confirmed a selection of approved sites for the students to co-create a 1:1 temporary intervention, with the aim to activate a previously underused area of the campus. We are also pleased to hear that the university has ordered a kit of low-cost industrial materials (£300 budget) including 100 linear metres of timber, rolls of plastering mesh and foil insulation, screws, bungee cord, and ratchet straps.

This workshop is an excellent opportunity for the participants to get a hands-on experience, developing their understanding of the process of taking a concept through design, fabrication and to end use.