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‘Making and Activating’ – Carl Turner Architects masterclass at Liverpool School of Architecture

We recently hosted a four-day masterclass in January for twenty students, as part of Liverpool School of Architecture’s Spring School programme.  We developed a brief focused around an interest in the temporary activation of underused sites, combined with our involvement in projects from conception to curation.

Over time, our practice has evolved expertise in temporary or “meanwhile” developments, repurposing land or buildings for a relatively short period; these developments are created with the primary focus of providing low-cost space as a platform for activity. The masterclass, “Making & Activating”, focused on “meanwhile” developments and allowed students to create 1:1 temporary interventions, activating previously underused areas of campus.

The workshop provided an excellent opportunity for the participants to get a hands-on experience, developing their understanding of the process of taking a concept through design, fabrication and to end use. Director Carl Turner and Architectural Assistant, Simon Cadle, were highly impressed with the astute and innovative designs created by the students and look forward to hosting more educational workshops in the near future.