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Londonon – Milan

LondonOn is a research collaboration led by 6 London-based architecture studios: Carl Turner Architects, Coffey Architects, Duggan Morris, Gort Scott, Haptic and Mae.

CTA participated in the recent multi-practice LondonOn research trip to Milan, undertaking an examination lead by Mae Architects into use intensification, the reading of the urban section and how programme variety is integrated into the city.

We were privileged to meet and talk with renowned critic and writer Luca Molinari; Associate Professor of the History of Contemporary Architecture (Naples) along with Cino Zucchi; Chair Professor of Architectural Urban Design (Milan) who kindly took time to share their knowledge about BBPR’s Torre Velasca and the Porta Nuova developments; the two points of focus for our research.

We also had a fascinating presentation from Carlo Masseroli, former Deputy Major of Milan until 2011 and Territory Governance Councillor for Milan. He presented a talk on city planning and the ambitions of radical plans for the conversion of former industrial areas whilst maintaining, improving and expanding green spaces in the city. He also discussed the new Urban Development Plan (UDP) whilst explaining the idea of a localised ‘stock exchange of rights to build’.