CTA exhibit at Clerkenwell Gallery

CTA are featured in The Sun, The Moon and Other Memories exhibition at the Clerkenwell Gallery alongside AY Architects, Cook Robotham Architectural Bureau, Daykin Marshall Studio, aLL Design, Studio Octopi, Scene and Biophile.

Through two projects, one realised and one under construction we explore the relationship between the construction of space and those who occupy it. These so called ‘meanwhile’ projects are expected to last only for a short time, and yet to be successful must create a reality for both users and workers. Space is seen as a platform for everyday life allied to a series of events and activities to create an accelerated ‘memory’ of a place. What may be allowed to occur naturally over decades, with these spaces we look to compress time and create a sense of permanence, however fleeting based on experience rather than space.

The exhibition runs daily from 12pm to 7:30pm until 01 July.

More details can be found here.