Clarnico Quay

Clarnico Quay is a 5+ years temporary project located opposite Hackney Wick. The site is sandwiched between the canal and the post-Olympic infrastructure, owned by the London Legacy Development Corporation and their development partners East Wick & Sweetwater. Carl Turner Architects have been appointed by Make Shift – a community developer commissioned for the project – to conduct a consultation and design study that aims to assess the needs of locals and provide temporary spaces for entrepreneurs, creatives and community groups.

We approached Clarnico Quay as a micro city, combining public blocks and streets with more intimate squares and mews. This idea of a diverse urban ecosystem is further achieved on a socio economic level, through the provision of mixed-use spaces: 70 per cent of the scheme is focused around workspace, allowing the space for art studios and maker-units, co-working and businesses areas, with the rest split between cultural activity, entertainment, food and drink. We believe Clarnico Quay has the potential to become a vibrant platform, ‘a city within a city’, allowing local creative people to meet and interchange ideas. The project is currently in progress with further masterplan options being analysed. We are working with Jan Kattein Architects.

events courtyard

entrance view

cover view


London Legacy Development Corporation / East Wick and Sweetwater

Feasibility Stage

Carl Turner Architects