We believe in place making. We see Architecture as a process as much as a product.

We initiate some projects, collaborate on others, design and construct. We want to re-establish a direct link between the thought and the process; between thinking and making. Inclusive processes which can enable the individual or group. DIY on steroids!

Our concerns encompass the mechanisms or organizations, which produce both buildings and the spaces between, and how we can work with and influence (them) to produce an improved built environment. ‘Sustainability’ both economic and environmental, as part, not the whole picture. We believe in a balanced view.


We enjoy finding ways to look at the uses of spaces, materials, structures and landscapes, distorting the scale and creating (often) unexpected outcomes. This can be at the scale of a building or at the scale of a detail. Internally, we are interested in the user and the psychology of space. Externally, emotional influences such as materiality, colour, and shape prevail.

We believe housing is the most important building block of architecture and have built an in-depth knowledge of this typology, mainly at the scale of the individual or small group of homes. We are now ready to work with public housing bodies, local communities or private developers to implement these ideas at a larger scale. We are interested in the relationship between work and home, and many of our projects have created multi-functional spaces for the new artizans. Living over the shop.